Community Care Expansion Program: Learn About ‘The Phoenix’ in Oakland

“The Phoenix” is a permanent supportive housing development under construction in Oakland. Developed by the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation, this project received a grant through the Community Care Expansion Program administered by the California Department of Social Services.

Video Transcript

David Chen: Phoenix is Phase One of a larger master plan development that’s across this entire site. So our phase is 101 units of new affordable housing, half of which is going to be permanent supportive housing targeted specifically for homeless informally homeless.

Hanna Azemati: CCE is part of a broader Statewide effort to expand the state’s housing and care continuum improve treatment outcomes and break the cycle of homelessness and unnecessary institutionalization.

David Chen: Being able to secure the Community Care expansion program funds was like I said literally the last piece of the puzzle for us to get to closing and start construction.

Hanna Azemati: The Phoenix project is a model of the CCE Program vision the Phoenix has received funding through the CCE expansion program as well as support through other state programs and local funding opportunities as well.

David Chen: To finally get to a place where we can start construction and folks in the neighborhood now can see the project actually going up. This is just us you know delivering an additional large chunk of of housing to uh a neighborhood that really needs it.