State Set Aside Funding Criteria for CCE Applicants

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has received overwhelming interest in Community Care Expansion (CCE) Capital Expansion funding with 374 applicants requesting $3.8 billion in funding. CDSS and its third-party administrator, HORNE, are continuing to review and award projects on a rolling basis for the CCE Regional and Tribal Allocations – check the Data Dashboard for the most up to date information on awards and allocations. Additionally, the state has determined criteria for how it will award State Set Aside funding. Projects that are qualified for CCE funding but are not able to be awarded due to insufficient funding in the Regional or Tribal Allocation will have the opportunity to compete for State Set Aside funding. 

The following criteria will help prioritize remaining State Set Aside funding to projects that are qualified for CCE funds and most align with the program’s goals. These criteria aim to identify small operators in geographic areas with high need for housing options for the CCE focus population as well as operators that demonstrate strong collaboration and partnership with local government and/or Tribes to successfully serve CCE clients.  

Specifically, the state will prioritize the award of State Set Aside funds to qualified projects based on the following criteria:  

  • Applicant has a partnership with local government or tribe.
  • Applicant is a small facility operator.
  • Project is located in a county with high need based on point-in-time count and SSI/SSP population trends.
  • The speed at which beds will be available.
  • Dedicated beds for CCE eligible population.
  • The project is located in areas (i.e. city or census-designated place (CDP)) that have not yet received an award.

In order to evaluate qualified applications against the State Set Aside Funding criteria and to move projects into award rapidly, we reached out to applicants who have not yet received an award decision through the Regional or Tribal Set Aside Funding on Friday, November 17, 2023, to request that they provide additional information via a survey by 8 A.M. PST, Monday, December 4, 2023.